The Sweet Side of Balance

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The Sweet Side of Balance, The Biochemical Reasons behind your Sugar Addiction and Binge Eating and How You Can Change Them.

There are many factors that can cause compulsive overeating. This book focuses on the biochemical factors and the fallacy that a lack of willpower is to blame. It is our body's way of communicating to us we are out of balance. Our bodies are crying for help; it is a last-resort attempt to obtain a temporary state of balance.

The physical drivers can be as or more important than the emotional drivers. By understanding what is going on in your body biochemically, you can start to piece together the sources leading to your desire to overeat. I discuss my own journey and how I was finally able to resolve my sugar addiction and binge eating disorder when I understood and remedied the biochemical drivers.

Nutrients are needed to precipitate and complete reactions in the body. Biochemical processes such as blood sugar and stress regulation, sleep, production of energy, hormone regulation, and formulation of neurotransmitters (our “feel good” chemicals) are dependent upon nutrients. If our body does not have the nutrients needed to complete these processes, we disrupt their operation. When we look at nutrient availability, we can not only look at what you are taking in through diet or supplements, but we need to discern how your body is able to utilize and metabolize those nutrients. Gut health, toxic overload, blood sugar fluctuations, stress, genetic mutations and other factors need to be examined to understand how your body is able to process the nutrients that it takes in and identify the sources stripping your body of the nutrients necessary to suppress addictive tendencies.

In The Sweet Side of Balance, I go into detail on how to address the components hindering nutrient availability. I expand on the biochemical reasons for sugar addiction and binge eating and include strategies and recipes to enhance the function of the body and mind. Tools are provided to help you eliminate the physical factors contributing to your binge eating and/or sugar addiction.

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I have also included my Effortless Recipes Cookbook

Melissa Reagan Brunetti, CNC

Certified Nutrition Consultant

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